Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hello to the blog world. This is my first official blog in the blogosphere. I have been reading other blogs from women in the IF club like me. I always think, "I should start to blog about my experiences as a way to keep my sanity through all of this. Since this is my first post, I thought I'd give a brief background on the life of me and what prompted this introduction to my new world of blogging.

My husband and I were married on July 28, 2001. We began ttc in April '04 and became pregnant that first month. We miscaarried in May at 5/6 weeks. We took some time off from officially ttc and began actively ttc again in July '05 and became pregnant the 2nd month only to have it end at 6 weeks as an ectopic. I received a methotrexate shot and was able to avoid a D & C. It took until Thanksgiving to be completely resolved so I needed a mental break, thinking we had plenty of time. We started to ttc again, not faithfully, in April '06 with no luck for about a year. We didn't think anything of it because we weren't "actively" trying...just not preventing. In June of '07 my husband, Jamie, was diagnosed, out of the blue, with Type 1 Diabetes. We decided to take a ttc break until we got all of his insulin and stuff figured out. Then, in September, just 3 months later, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He had it removed in January '08 and had radiation in March '08. Due to the radiation we went on a forced ttc break until July '08. We tried for 6 months with no luck. This time I was on a rampage with the OPK's and making sure our timing was right. Nothing. Nada. My OB said at my age, 6 months and nothing means testing time. So, we did. Jamie had a low count with not great morphology. OB suggested to go off Soy, which he had been drinking because it's lower in sugar. He did and a month later his numbers were awesome. I checked out except for my FSH level was too high. He didn't give us much of a chance but sent us to Shady Grove Fertility anyway. We got a wonderful FS and nurse. He didn't seem to think my FSH would be much of a problem so we did our first IUI on 5/15/09 with a BFP only to find out it was another ectopic...sucky!

Next chapter: The day I found out I was pregnant, I fell in my classroom and broke my ankle, or so they x-rays. Once they could do them, they determined it was a severe sprain with ligament damage. In the meanwhile, they discovered a blood clot most likely brought on by the trauma to the ankle, tight cast and hormones I was on. So I was put on an injectable blood thinner safe for pregnancy. I was recently moved to Coumadin until the middle of August. At that point, hopefully my numbers will be below 5 and we can begin the first phase of our IVF cycle. My FS wants me to go back on the injectable blood thinner, Lovenox, throughout the cycle and until I'm 13 weeks pregnant, if we are successful. GRRR! It is not a fun injectable...not that any of them are but they leave hideous bruises and hematomas.

So, that is where I am at right now. We are playing a waiting game. We need to be 2-3 months out from my last methotrexate shot which was June 17 so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the end of August.

I guess that's a lot to digest for my first post. Sorry! I promise to make it less intense in future posts.


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  1. Wow, that is a lot of difficult stuff. I had an ectopic pregnancy. It is so difficult taking those blood tests all the time. I have to take Lovenox for antinuclear antibodies I have. I am no longer TTC. We adopted last year. I still have a chance of getting pregnant naturally but we don't count on it.
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