Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Changing my current hat...

I have been wearing the hat of an infertile lady as well as a loss lady this summer. Today I am taking off those hats and putting on my appalled teacher hat for the day. We received our schedule for the upcoming school year and it is going to be awful for the kids. They will have reading at the end of the day and at the age of 6, this is normally the time they are ready to go home! They also gave us no transition times. Apparently we can end math at 10:35 but also be half way across the school at the same exact time to begin our specials (Art, Music, PE) at 10:35. Also, it is also thought that we can pick them up from recess and begin reading at the exact same time. I guess we can learn a lot from Star Trek and just beam into the building so it doesn't take us the typical 5 minutes to get back into the building. The last irrational thought from our fearless leaders is that we can end reading at 3:20 while simultaneously being dismissed at 3:20. Since some of our kids go to a different reading class, this should be easy...not! I know that nobody gets their ideal schedule but OMG! Ours couldn't be any worse. Couple this with an early school year first IVF cycle and hopefully a pregnancy I should be a big ball of stress. Hopefully, I can just leave it all at the school and not bring it home. We'll see!


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