Sunday, August 16, 2009


Yippee!!! Never have I been so happy to see my AF. She is usually a hated relative bringing bad news to our humble household. However, this month, she has arrived to open arms and a big welcoming smile. I love her, for this month only, because she brings hope and the beginning of this next big adventure in our lives. We are pinning everything on the cycle that she has just gotten underway. We, more I, have decided that this will be our only "fresh" IVF cycle. If this first round is not successful, we will begin to move forward with adoption. If we are lucky enough to have any frosties then we will use those until there are no more. I will be 38, dear God, in one week. I really don't care how I become a mommy, I just want to join that club. My mom asked me a really good question when we were deciding during the ectopic whether to go IVF or adoption. She said, "Do you want to be pregnant or do you want to be a mom?" That really hit me because, of course, I want to be pregnant, but I want to be a mom more. So, we have a plan and a plan B. I think that's why I'm so positive about the future. I am not pinning all of my hopes on IVF. I know we will be a family one way or another. But, for now...YIPPEE for good ole' AF and the beginning of CD1.


  1. Normally we don't congratulate each other on the beginning of AF, but YAY! I'm excited she's here for you and that you're looking forward to the wonderful things in store for you. :)

  2. Hi there, sending you all the positive vibes I can as you start this cycle. Stay strong.